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Document Review, Creation & Enforcement


Does your organization have the right liability waivers? What about written agreements with other nonprofit partners for joint projects? When was the last time your nonprofit reviewed its policies and procedures? Its Articles and Bylaws? Contracts are a common and indispensable feature of nearly every transaction. Many organizations, however, try to save money by using gentlemen’s handshake agreements – thinking that “it’ll all work out,” or by using boilerplate contracts – trusting that the “cookie cutter” forms found on the internet will work to protect their rights. Unfortunately, since it’s very difficult to enforce oral agreements and internet forms are not personalized to your unique situation, these two solutions are not the best.


Legal for Good can help you at any life stage of a contract: creation, review, negotiation, and enforcement. We can meet with you when you need to draw up a contract, or we can help you review a contract someone else drew up (hopefully before you sign it), assist you with negotiating the best terms, as well as enforce or defend against a contract once it has been signed. We can help! Call us now at (612) 284-6441 or send us a message online.

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