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Nonprofit organizations often operate on shoestring budgets and need an extra boost to get everything done. For any nonprofit in this category, explore! Catchafire is a skills-based volunteer matching platform that connects talented professionals wanting to volunteer their time to nonprofit organizations in need. As you can imagine, Catchafire is a “win-win” for everyone.

Who is Catchafire?

Catchafire is “a for-purpose social enterprise, Public-Benefit Corporation, and certified B-Corp” seeking to contribute to the common good. Since Catchafire’s inception in 2010, it has connected over 7,000 volunteers with nonprofit organizations while creating roughly $70 million in social value.

How to join Catchafire

To join the Catchafire community, organizations must create an account and pay a membership fee. Joining the Catchafire community requires a nominal fee of $167-$199/month depending on whether the organization would like to pay upfront or monthly. The fee is well worth the investment, considering one project without Catchafire can cost upwards of $5,000.

What does Catchafire offer for my nonprofit?

Catchafire offers two ways to connect with professionals, a one-hour phone call or a project post. Phone calls supply a range of opportunities to connect and learn. The goal of a one-hour phone call is for the professional to provide the nonprofit with the necessary knowledge to complete their desired task. Catchafire also provides opportunities to post projects. Project postings allow the nonprofit to outsource its needs directly to the designated professional. While viewing a project posting on Catchafire, the post gives a general period for completion, ideal type of professional for the project, the value created for the organization by completing the project, and a project plan.

How can this help nonprofit organizations?

Catchafire is a great way to cut costs and get projects done. By delegating tasks to resources like Catchafire, nonprofits can focus on necessary development, planning, fundraising, and programmatic impact. Why not let an expert take the reins and make your organization shine?


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