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What is GiveMN and how does it help with fundraising?

GiveMN is a fundraising platform…and more. GiveMN calls itself “Minnesota’s front door for charitable giving” and is a nonprofit organization that uses creative ideas and innovative technology to link donors with charitable causes they want to support. GiveMN launched in 2009 as a collaborative venture primarily led by the Minnesota Community Foundation, and the platform welcomes donors to “come on in and we’ll make giving simple, rewarding, and fun – for you and the organizations and schools that need your help.” GiveMN’s goal is to create an unparalleled state of giving in Minnesota as well as to take the hassle and stress out of fundraising.

Each year, GiveMN organizes Give to the Max Day, an event that attracts donors to thousands of nonprofit organizations improving the quality of Minnesota and communities around the world. Created as a launch party for GiveMN in 2009, Give to the Max Day has been transformed as Minnesota’s giving holiday. It is a special 24-hour period to highlight the work and worth of nonprofits and schools all across Minnesota, and a day for generous Minnesotans to give back what they can to the causes and organizations that mean the most to them. And as a bonus, GiveMN offers thousands of dollars in prizes to provide a little excitement, start some friendly competition, and help donors make their dollars go farther. Give to the Max Day 2018 will be held from midnight to 11:59 pm on Thursday, November 15, 2018. Through the first eight (8) years of Give to the Max Day, nonprofit organizations and schools have raised more than $127 million in just eight days! Below, see the year-by-year results of Minnesota’s giving holiday:

  • 2017: $20.6 million for 5,387 organizations

  • 2016: $20.1 million for 5,756 organizations

  • 2015: $18.0 million for 5,726 organizations

  • 2014: $18.3 million for 5,544 organizations

  • 2013: $17.1 million for 4,437 organizations

  • 2012: $16.3 million for 4,381 organizations

  • 2011: $13.4 million for 3,978 organizations

  • 2010: $10.0 million for 3,663 organizations

  • 2009: $14.5 million for 3,434 organizations

Although it hosts Give to the Max Day, GiveMN is more than a one-day giving extravaganza. It’s a giving platform that’s available year-round to link people with nonprofits and schools and make giving soar.


GiveMN ignites generosity; it envisions an unparalleled state of giving – a Minnesota where innovative technology and creative ideas help each person’s generosity soar to its full potential.

How Does It Work For Donors?

  • Find a Cause: GiveMN makes it simple to discover a new cause or find one you already support by searching the instant results on

  • Give With Ease: Donations on GiveMN are made with a credit or debit card. For each donation made through GiveMN, you will immediately receive a tax receipt via email.

  • Simplify Your Giving: Create an account to store and access your tax receipts year-round, give to multiple causes with a single checkout, manage your recurring donations, give again quickly, and get a year-end report of your giving. Click here to get started!

How Does It Work For Organizations?

  • Become and Administrator: Complete the online form to claim administrative access to an existing page.

  • Manage Your Organization’s Page: Tell your charity’s story, share your donation page, and track donations.

  • Organization Toolkit: Created for a nonprofit organization’s board and staff, the toolkit provides starter language to communicate with donors and FAQs.

  • On-Demand Trainings and Webinars: Charities can view the growing list of On-Demand Trainings and Webinars on GiveMN’s YouTube channel.

Intrigued and Want to find out more? Click here.


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