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Tired of trying to find a day that works for everyone to attend your board meeting? The constant exchange of emails, phone calls, and text messages to find a day that may or may not work is time consuming and frustrating. A study shows that business professionals waste 6.8 hours per week on low level business activities. Fortunately, useful technology and online scheduling tools like can help!

What is and How Does it Work? is a tool that links to any calendar and can save you time by automating scheduling needs. By using, users connect their Google or Microsoft calendar and show others available meeting times. The available meeting times can then be selected and scheduled for both parties. allows users to set their notification preferences and page style after they connect their calendar. After these steps are complete, the page is ready to be shared. The page can be shared virtually anywhere users connect with their customers, or in this case, donors, board members, or colleagues. Figure 1 demonstrates what a user on the receiving end will see. All scheduled meetings are recorded in the connected calendar with any meeting details making the overall process seamless.

Figure 1

Is this really worth it? costs $8-$10 per month but can save valuable time. Automating scheduling will save users time and give them the ability to work on matters that actually deserve their attention.

Putting this service into perspective, assume automated booking saves you two hours per month (a fairly conservative estimate). Two hours may not seem like a lot, but below is a short list of productive tasks you can do in that amount of time:

  1. Write a blog post to help promote the nonprofits mission and purpose

  2. Send two thank you notes to donors

  3. Listen to a podcast (or two)

  4. Take a break!

The list goes on and on but to put it shortly, the return on investment for using is fairly substantial. All in all, is useful tool and can save you and your nonprofit time. If booking is a hassle and stunts your nonprofit’s growth, consider this tool.


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