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 501(c) Tax Exemption


IRS tax exemption issues can be incredibly frustrating to deal with. We routinely assist clients gain IRS tax exempt status, which is usually done as part of the start up process. The IRS recognizes many types of tax exempt entities. However, IRS tax exemption problems come up in a variety of other ways during a nonprofit’s life cycle. Legal for Good is your resident IRS tax-exemption expert and can resolve many exemption issues. We help clients who have questions like:

Q.    How can my organization be exempt from taxes?
Q.    What if I started a nonprofit corporation and never got federal tax exemption?
Q.    My organization’s tax exemption was automatically revoked, now what?
Q.    I found out my CPA filed our 990 late / never / or with bad information, help!
Q.    We filed for IRS tax exemption BEFORE we incorporated. Is that ok?
Q.    I think we should convert to a group exemption, can you help?
Q.    My organization registers under a group exemption, so am I supposed to file a 990?
Q.    We thought we were a 501(c)(3) but the IRS says we’re something else, what’s going on?


IRS issues can be terrifying, especially if you worry that your tax exempt status is in jeopardy or being questioned. Moreover, due to the high level of scrutiny on nonprofit organizations, everyone can get a little nervous. Many IRS agents have not been provided adequate training in the vast amount of IRS publications and regulations relevant to charitable organizations, so having an advocate who really understands the issues can be a lifesaver. We can help in most situations. Jenn’s years of experience dealing directly with IRS agents means time and money saved to our clients. Call us at (612) 284-6441 or send us a message online if you need help.

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