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Our Core Values

Legal for Good is founded on core values that come from our deep commitment to the nonprofit sector, its leaders, advocates, and government stakeholders. We uphold the following core values in all our services and programs, and promote them in the nonprofit sector as a whole. This is what we believe in, what we stand for, and how we approach everything we do.


We believe the nonprofit sector plays a key role in the health of society as a whole. To fulfill its role, the sector must maintain vitality through good governance and healthy business development. We leverage our passion and nonprofit experience with your organization’s resources and institutional knowledge in order to develop stronger roots, help it grow, and watch it bloom.


We understand how nonprofits help communities create a better future through innovation and societal change. Organizations need creative approaches and new models that work. We position our firm at the cutting edge of law practice in order to provide clients with customized solutions.


We encourage honesty and transparency while upholding ethical and professional standards. We take responsibility for our performance and help nonprofits deliver their missions with integrity and accountability to all stakeholders.


We celebrate diversity. We respect and include all cultures, religions, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and political views, and welcome working with a diverse array of entities of all sizes and types.


Our model is “education first.” We strive to educate our clients (and the community!) about best practices, how concepts work in theory and real life, and what next steps are best suited to produce desired outcomes. We produce well-reasoned, reliable products, and accurate advice. We strive to create an environment in which nonprofit leaders feel heard, respected, and supported.


We dedicate ourselves to careful stewardship of charity resources. This means we give each clients’ matter the careful consideration it deserves so your organization can have sound governance, responsible daily operations, respect for fiduciary duties, and thoughtful organizational development, but we work diligently, quickly, and accurately, and maximize productivity in order to be a careful steward of your nonprofit’s resources.


We believe it’s important for nonprofit leaders to invest in their organizations and their people. This includes providing ongoing training and new learning opportunities for board members, volunteers, and staff. These investments ensure the continued strength of the organization and the nonprofit sector as a whole, and also inspires donor confidence.

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