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Government Inquiries & Compliance 


We work to help clients on the right side of state and federal laws. Government Compliance issues arise for nonprofits in a variety of ways since there are many agencies who may have authority to check up on your organization. Going through an audit or being accused of non-compliance is scary. What will your donors think? Will there be news coverage? How do we respond to the situation? It’s a good idea to visit with an attorney for a routine health check to make sure your operations are running according to the rules and best practices. We can also help respond to audits, regulatory challenges or accusations of non-compliance.

We work closely with clients on a variety of regulatory concerns and nonprofit compliance issues. When you stay in compliance, you are both more attractive to donors and less susceptible to an audit. From the typical to the unusual, we can help in these areas:

Audit checklist to ensure nonprofit compliance in Minneapolis, MN

We'll Help Cut Through the Red Tape

  • Out-of-State business registrations (foreign qualification)

  • Charitable solicitation registrations

  • Attorney General's Office inquiries and Civil Investigative Demands

  • IRS audits

  • Audits by the Department of Revenue

  • Audits by the Office of the Legislative Auditor

  • For-profit creditors

If you need help with a government compliance issue, call us at (612) 284-6441 or send us a message online.

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