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Nonprofit Crisis Management


Unfortunately, bad things happen to good charities. Crisis management is tough. When something goes wrong in a big way for your nonprofit it can be terrifying. With a 24-hour news cycle the media is all too happy to publish scandal stories about charitable organizations.

A crisis is the ultimate unplanned activity and the ultimate test for nonprofit leaders. In a time of crisis, conventional management practices are inadequate and ways of responding usually insufficient.


Has your organization experienced a theft of nonprofit assets? Did the board fail to properly restrict a donor’s gift and spend money improperly? Will your situation blow up into a governmental investigation or audit? What will donors think? Who should be told and what should they be told? How do we make sure it never happens again? These are all questions our clients in crisis need answers to. We excel at helping you stay calm in a crisis and taking the steps needed to protect the organization and demonstrate your responsible stewardship.

Timely Nonprofit Crisis Intervention

No matter what type of Minnesota nonprofit organization you’re involved with, handling bad news or adverse situations can be a challenge. We can help! Our skilled intervention can often turn things around quickly, enabling your organization to move forward, even after disaster has struck.

How do you determine if you are experiencing a nonprofit crisis and how serious it is?

Ask the following of your team:

  • Has someone verified the incident or crisis?

  • Do we need professional help to conduct an internal investigation?

  • What are the legal implications of the incident or crisis?

  • Is there potential for action by a governmental agency? A potential lawsuit? Or a Bankruptcy?

  • Is the incident or crisis confined, or is it likely to spread if not managed properly?

  • What level of resources will be required to manage the incident or crisis?

It is important to call in your crisis team as early as possible. We can help with legal and communications issues, as well as coordinate with a team of public relations experts and financial professionals as needed. Call us now at (612) 284-6441 or send us a message online.

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