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Attorney & Client Expectations


Thank you for the opportunity to work with your organization! We look forward to our work together. Below are two sets of expectations. First, what your nonprofit can expect of Legal for Good, and second, what Legal for Good expects from its clients. Your satisfaction is our goal. We want to make you happy! If a disagreement arises, talk to us – we will try to resolve the problem.


In addition to other requirements listed in the retainer and fee agreement, Legal for Good’s responsibilities include:

  1. Represent you competently. We have the legal expertise to handle your nonprofit matter. Although we can give no assurances as to the final outcome, we will use our best efforts and our depth and breadth of knowledge to represent you.

  2. Keep you involved. We will always:

    • Explain things to the extent reasonably necessary to permit you to make informed decisions. You are the one who must live with the final outcome of your case. So, we will advise and inform you of all the pros and cons to help you make the important decisions you face

    • Reasonably consult with you about how to go about obtaining the desired objective(s)

    • Keep you reasonably informed about the status of the matter at all times

    • Promptly inform you in any circumstance where rules or laws require your informed consent

    • Comply as soon as practicable with your reasonable requests for information. We strive to respond to your calls and e-mails within two days whenever possible, and

    • Communicate to you any known limitations on our representation. If we know you expect something that is not permitted by Minnesota’s ethical rules or other law, we will tell you.

  3. Make progress on your matter. The Firm is contracted by you to resolve your legal or business issues. You should expect us to make progress to that end.

  4. Remain available. We strive to respond to all calls and e-mails within two days whenever possible, and will regularly inform you of your case’s progress. Some matters progress slowly with long periods of waiting with little progress to report. Please be patient in these matters. Whenever there is a development we will inform you and you can check in with us anytime.

  5. Maintain your privacy. See the Firm’s Privacy Policy.

  6. Practice law in a legal and ethical manner. Legal for Good makes every effort to follow all state and federal laws, as well as the Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct.

  7. Provide File Copies. We will send you copies of all pleadings, documents, correspondence, and other information throughout the matter. These copies will be your file copies. We will also keep the information electronically. Once your matter is concluded, Legal for Good will close your file and offer to provide you with an electronic copy of your file if you desire. Be sure to accept a copy of the file if you do desire one at the time of file closing. We work hard to maintain file stability and use redundant backup and co-location but there is always a chance a file could be lost or destroyed. We store files only in an electronic format, and for approximately seven years. We will destroy the electronic copy after the seven-year storage period.


  1. Be realistic. Attorneys are not miracle workers. We can only work with the facts as they exist. Ask us, “What is the reasonable outcome of my legal situation?”

  2. Be honest. Tell us every important fact. We cannot help you if you are not honest or withhold information. If you withhold facts, you are wasting both time and money.

  3. Pay for services rendered, and please pay promptly. When billing is hourly, you should expect to pay for all attorney services rendered, including: extended phone calls, letters written on your behalf, drafting and reviewing of documents, meetings, court appearances, and filings made on your behalf.

  4. Be a part of the work. You have to live with the outcomes, so please let us know what is (and what IS NOT) an acceptable outcome. Let us know if you’re happy or if you’re not happy. Let us know if you have questions or concerns. If you need more services, let us know that too!

  5. Keep your file copies. Clients often find it helpful to bring their documents to all of our meetings so that we both have all of the necessary information available to us.

  6. Communicate with us. Make sure we have an accurate address and contact information at all times. Strive to return all phone calls and e-mails to Legal for Good within two days whenever possible. Respond to all requests for information or other documents within one week. Please disclose any medical conditions you may have that would affect our representation (i.e., diminished capacity, illnesses requiring you to take medications that could alter your ability to think or tell the truth, etc.).

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