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Employment & Human Resources


Nonprofit organizations face unique challenges when it comes to staff. Whether it's ensuring an individual remains classified as a volunteer, making your first hire, or steadying your employment ship, we can help!

We know that nonprofits frequently struggle to keep up with government requirements and the processes necessary to ensure employment law compliance—especially for newly started or smaller organizations. Not only can charities encounter problems finding suitably qualified and experienced staff
(or volunteers) to do the work, but sometimes it’s hard to know exactly where to begin and what is required by law. This is where we can help! At Legal for Good, we have a responsive legal team that can supply the advice and information needed to help you understand exactly what’s required to operate legally.

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Personalized HR Advice

We empower nonprofit employers to develop positive work cultures and happy employees. Legal for Good can help nonprofits with their employment and human resources issues in the following ways:

  • Recruiting, selection, and hiring

  • Appropriate compensation

  • On-boarding and off-boarding staff

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Employment policies and procedures

  • Payroll administration considerations

  • Legal compliance and labor laws

  • Employee relations and retention

  • Performance management/coaching

  • Employment investigations

  • Terminations

  • Separation/Severance Agreements

  • Team dynamics

  • Organizational culture and ethos

  • Developing a leadership style

  • Board & Executive Training Sessions

  • Staff Training Sessions

Why is Effectively Managing Human Resources so Important?

HR matters now more than ever because it plays a pivotal role in creating Minnesota workplaces that are productive, engaging, and inclusive. Employees and volunteers are the foundation of every successful charity, and proper management can help bridge the gap between employees' performance and the organization's strategic objectives. At Legal for Good, we provide nonprofits with the critical resources, insight, and advice necessary for sustainability and growth. If you are seeking advice or training, we can help. Call us at (612) 284-6441 or send us a message online.

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