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Nonprofit-Related Litigation


Has your nonprofit been threatened with a Civil Investigative Demand by the Attorney General or served with a Summons and Complaint? It's just like boating, if you engage in “nonprofiting” long enough, the time will come when you’ll get caught out in a vicious thunderstorm. If you’re a nonprofit organization facing litigation, we can be your life jacket during the rapidly building seas. Litigation can be a stressful and worrisome situation, but we’ll make sure your organization fully understands its circumstances, its options, and potential outcomes. We’ll help you avoid panic and rash reactions, remain afloat, and stay by your side every step of the way.  Call us at (612) 284-6441 or send us a message online.


When traditional litigation is not the best solution, alternative dispute resolution – especially mediation – can be a powerful tool in resolving disputes early, cost effectively, and fairly. We help nonprofit organizations handle disputes through alternative dispute resolution, a pretrial motion or, if necessary, litigation from trial through appeal. We have had considerable success at each of these levels.


Handling the case, however, is sometimes only the first part of our assignment. Our advice and counsel on how to avoid future disputes is particularly important for nonprofit organizations, given their charitable missions and precious resources.

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