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Why Legal for Good?

We get it. In a world driven by profitability and bottom lines, the community’s needs are often ignored and underrepresented. The IRS defines a nonprofit as a “tax-exempt organization that serves the public good.” But, most nonprofits don’t have expertise in laws and legal speak; they have passion and experience in doing the right thing. Legal for Good works on your behalf, liaising with government agencies and entities, to ensure legal and financial compliance; and allowing your organization to focus on the public good.

Legal for Good works exclusively with nonprofits and charitable organizations, because you deserve the support of those who completely understand the unique challenges you face, and who are equally as passionate about your mission.

For nearly 20 years, Jenn Urban has been laying the foundations of Legal for Good. From her time with the Ohio Attorney General’s office, to Urban Law Group in Minneapolis, and now at Legal for Good’s St. Louis Park offices, she has developed a deep commitment to the nonprofit sector, its leaders, advocates, and government stakeholders. She has learned the importance of protecting charitable assets, empowering nonprofits to deliver their missions with integrity and accountability, and providing clients with education and customized solutions to launch, grow, and sustain their organizations.

Legal for Good has helped nonprofits of all sizes and types address their distinct challenges and embrace their exciting new opportunities. Whether your organization is just beginning its journey, facing legal or financial roadblocks, or looking to expand into the next phase of its mission, Legal for Good has the expertise and the resources to help.

Let's get out there and do some good!

About Us
Learn more about Legal for Good and how we help nonprofits of all sizes and types address their challenges and embrace their new opportunities.

Our Core Values
Legal for Good is founded on core values that come from our deep commitment to the nonprofit sector, its leaders, advocates, and government stakeholders.

Our Clients
As a law firm specializing in nonprofit law, of course we work with all kinds charitable organizations such as: nonprofit schools and educational organizations, civic and community groups, youth sports leagues, churches and religious institutions, foundations, member associations, veteran and fraternal groups, research groups, and arts and cultural organizations. We also work with individual donors and for-profit corporate do-gooders. See more.

Attorney & Client Expectations
What you should expect from your Legal for Good attorney, and what your Legal for Good attorney will expect from you.

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some frequently asked questions at Legal for Good, with our answers.

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