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Searching for and developing new relationships with donors can seem like a daunting task. However, many nonprofit professionals will tell you that developing new relationships can be – and often is – an enjoyable and rewarding experience for both the donor and the fundraiser.

1. How to find new donors:

Nonprofit professionals likely know more about finding new donors than they lead themselves to believe. Most new nonprofits will find donors by connecting with those closest to them – friends, family, colleagues, and classmates. Well-established organizations may need to think outside of their usual repertoire. Either way, nonprofits will need to put time and effort into developing new donor relationships with those outside of their typical donor base and personal network.

Technology is easily accessible, allowing nonprofit professionals to have the world at their fingertips. Nonprofits are now able to use social media to target ads to prospective donors at affordable costs. Well-developed websites give new donors the opportunity to research prior to giving. Finally, websites that offer the option to donate through the site can attract new donors to give right there on the spot.

2. Tell the donor what their donations will do – not how the money will be spent:

A donation is more than just an altruistic gift to an organization. A donation is an investment. Mission driven organizations are successful when they can get a donor on board with what matters most – how the organization is living out its mission. Explain to new donors how their donation will further the mission – not how the money will be spent. This will help guide donors to making the investment in your organization.

3. Take time to get to know the prospective donor:

Nonprofit professionals should invest in its donors just as the donors are investing in the organization. Ask the new donor questions that will help them tell their story. The goal is to form a relationship. Developing a donor relationship is more than just finalizing a transaction – it’s about authentically connecting with the donor.

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