Responsible Stewardship

Legal for Good guides nonprofits towards responsible stewardship through effective daily operations, respect for fiduciary duties, and thoughtful organizational development

We Help Nonprofits

Jenn Urban is the nonprofit attorney and superhero you want looking out for you. Having an advocate who really understands the issues can be a lifesaver. Jenn’s years of experience dealing with government agents, assisting with government grants in Minnesota, structuring nonprofits, and guiding management decisions means time and money saved for you. Jenn is the nonprofit lawyer for you!


Why Legal for Good?

We get it. In a world driven by profitability and bottom lines, the community’s needs are often ignored and underrepresented. The IRS defines a nonprofit as a “tax-exempt organization that serves the public good.” But, most nonprofits don’t have expertise in laws and legal speak; they have passion and experience in doing the right thing. Legal for Good’s charity attorney works on your behalf, liaising with government agencies and entities, to ensure legal and financial compliance; and allowing nonprofits to focus on the public good.


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